Barefoot Sandals

Essentially barefoot sandals are decoration or jewellery for your feet.

Nail varnish, rings, bracelets, hand cream – we treat our hands to all these and so often we forget our feet, but when Summer arrives your feet are on show, like it or not. 

So when your feet can finally escape from socks and boots why not give them the same attention you give to your hands?

Barefoot sandals put the spotlight on your feet. A French manicure or coloured nail varnish, a good scrub and plenty of moisturizer and you can soon have those feet looking as good as your hands.

Then you add the barefoot sandals. Suddenly your feet become more than what you use for walking. They become pretty, a pleasure to look

Feet are important so why not give them the attention they deserve?

Where can you wear Barefoot Sandals?

The answer is – anywhere! They can be worn as is or combined with flip flops, pumps, sandals, basically any shoe that has a low cut design.

Barefoot sandals are perfect for:

  • Beach Weddings
  • Garden parties
  • Exercise
  • Dancing
  • The beach
  • Around the house
  • Pool parties
  • Holidays

It used to be that they were confined to Eastern weddings, yoga classes and the beach but times are changing. Foot jewellery allows you to ring the changes on the shoes and sandals you already have, or to adorn your bare feet with stunning designs .