Market Finds August

Market Finds August

My mission this week was to find some interesting designs that would blend well with the striped and plain colours already in my stock.

The day was promising to be a scorcher, the sun bright in the sky although it was only nine in the morning, so I couldn’t hang around too long even under the many shade cloths draped over the stalls.

Being August, there was a good crowd so it was elbows in and keep digging, always on the look out for that flash of design or texture that would alert my designer’s eye.

First I found an interesting blue and red print suggestive of an Aztec design that I thought would complement both stripes and plain colours.

Next a tropical print bursting with vibrant colours that would perk up any staid plain colour and sit well beside stripes too

Then a gorgeous grey leopard-like animal print to add sophistication to blacks and greys.

And lastly a rich brown textured design threaded with gold and small sequins.

A good haul, and the end result was great.