We throw away so many things. And all too often what we throw away has the potential to become a new desirable or useful object.

At Bagglz we believe that in our own small way we are doing what we can to help the earth cope with all the things we throw away by giving them a new purpose.

Here everything is expertly handmade by an experienced designer incorporating recycled fabric and reclaimed unwanted jewellery pieces.

Our  Fashion Accessories include necklace cords, pendants, bangles and barefoot sandals.

Recycled, reclaimed, re-designed, to bring you the unusual at affordable prices.

So if your fashion style is not run of the mill and you  like to be a little different, Bagglz recycled accessories can offer you many choices. From classic and chic to fun and colourful you will find a wide selection to browse through here.

Visit Bagglz Etsy shop for all items currently for sale.

And have a look at some of the ideas for wearing Bagglz accessories on the Creating Combos page.