Jewellery – What is it and why do we wear it?

Jewellery – What is it and why do we wear it?

Types of Jewellery

There are two main types of jewellery

  • Real
  • Costume

Real Jewellery

Real jewellery is made from precious metals like gold and silver, gemstones like diamonds and emeralds, or genuine pearls. It is usually costly, and for that reason is seen as an investment or a mark of prosperity.

Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery can be made from all sorts of materials and can range from really cheap to “designer” prices. It can be quirky or stylish, brightly coloured, made from glass, wood, seashells, plastic, paper or fabric. Costume jewellery is often used to make a statement or ring the changes to basic outfits.

All Bagglz jewellery is costume jewellery

Why we wear Jewellery

People have been adorning themselves from the very beginnings of our civilisation.

Saffron-picking girl from an Akrotiri fresco circa 3,600 years ago. Note her earrings and bracelets.

So why do we wear jewellery?

  • To Express status – for example medals, badges, pledge pins and wedding rings
  • Express wealth – jewels and precious metals
  • To draw attention
  • To express individuality
  • For causes and beliefs – such as religious beliefs and fighting diseases
  • To identify and inform – fr example dog tags and medical alert bracelets

Iris Apfel

I am a great admirer of Iris Apfel and she has inspired me to create interesting and unusual costume jewellery. She has a number of opinions about jewellery and I find I agree with many of her statements.  

Here are some of her more recent opinions:

  • “I’m an accessory freak. I believe that of all fashion accessories, jewellery is the most transformative. They transform the outfit”
  • “You can change your entire look with a piece of jewellery.”
  • “More is more and less is a bore”
  • “Style is attitude, and something that comes from within, and I think fashion comes from without”
  • “There’s so much sameness in the world”
  • “You will have some innate creativity, so you should use it. Play around.”

Iris combines different pieces with amazing style.

Watch her on YouTube.

Iris Apfel

Bagglz accessories are both supportive of recycling waste and versatile pieces that can be combined to create an individual look. Visit the Creating Combos page for ideas on wearing multiple pieces.