Creating Combos

Creating Combos

Fiona Jamieson – Jewellery Designer

I love the idea of versatile jewellery that, by using various different pieces of jewellery,  allows each person to create a combination of colour, texture and design that is unique to them.

So I created a range of pieces that are interchageable. All my pendants can be detached from or attached to any of my necklace cords or bangles.

Here are some ideas:

  • Attach a silver leaf pendant with waxed cord necklace
  • Attach a tassel pendant to a faux suede necklace cord
  • Attach a shell pendant to a fabric bracelet
  • Join more than one necklace cord together

You can combine the different Bagglz products in many ways to create your own unique style. As with all Bagglz accessories, the fabric used is in most cases  recycled pure silk, linen, cotton or viscose, although I do sometimes use man made fibres if I particularly like the design or colour .

So go ahead and have fun building your own special look!

All items are all available at my Etsy shop